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Please do not just add me, send me a message here, I won't add you back unless you do that!!!

Add me if:
- You think we have something in common, same taste in music perhaps?
- You love movies, I have a broad taste in movies, and like to discuss them
- You like to collect stuff, I used to collect my little ponies and one of my hobbies are Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

Don't add me if:
- You don't like reading lots about music and talk about it
- You don't give a damn about me
- You want to complain about my life or lifestyle
- You steal anything that I've made and never credit me for my work
- You can't stand me not believing in any god, and I don't follow any religion
- You have no reason to add me without asking me first
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If you can only see this entry and none of my others; YOU HAVE BEEN CUT!!!

That's right, I cleaned my friendlist, and deleted A LOT of people.
If you still want to be on my list let me know here and I'll add you again, if not then please delete me from your list!!!
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